தூய தோமா தென் இந்திய தமிழ் திருச்சபை    

அகமதி, குவைத்

2023 சட்டவாக்கியம்

கர்த்தர் சொல்லுகிறார், நான் உன்னைப் பத்திரமாய்ப் பார்த்துக்கொள்வேன். எரேமியா 40:4

About Us

The majority of the Kuwait Tamil Christian Congregation members had an unquenchable desire to establish a Tamil CSI Church in Kuwait, and Mr. H.B. Jeevaraj Thomas, (Late) Mr. M. Rajan, Mr. Justin Bright, Mr. Paul C. Samuel, and (Late) Mr. K. Jesudhas, along with many other devoted Christians, took the initiative. The late Mr. K.P. Koshy, who was the vice-president of the Common Council at the time, took substantial action to obtain the NECK Common Council's official approval. The North Tent of the NECK Campus was designated as the place of worship after our parent church, St. Johns Tamil CSI Church, received approval from the NECK common council.

A constitution, based on the CSI constitution was drafted and the Order of Worship used was based on the Book of Common Worship of the Church of South India. Our Parent church got official approval from the Synod of the Church of South India as of August 2002. Rev. P. Boaz, a presbyter from Kanyakumari Diocese, was appointed as the first presbyter by Synod of CSI and he ministered from December 1999 to April 2003.

By the grace of God and the efforts of Rev. D. Justin Devadhason, Parent Church Executive Committee decided to start a worship service in Mangaf for the benefit of the Christian community in Abu Halifa, Mangaf, Fahaheel regions. The worship service was started on 10thJanuary 2012 at Mangaf with the name of St. John’s Tamil CSI Church, Ahamdi Extension. By the abundance grace of God, the Ahamdi branch church has grown well and became an independent Tamil CSI Church from Nov’16 onwards called as “St. Thomas Tamil CSI Church, Ahmadi.”

St.Thomas Tamil CSI Church, Ahmadi

Our Presbyter

Rev. David Prince Raj