தூய தோமா தென் இந்திய தமிழ் திருச்சபை    

அகமதி, குவைத்

2023 சட்டவாக்கியம்

கர்த்தர் சொல்லுகிறார், நான் உன்னைப் பத்திரமாய்ப் பார்த்துக்கொள்வேன். எரேமியா 40:4

About our Church

The CSI church in Ahmadi (Kuwait) has finally emerged as a reality on January 2012, bearing true witness to God's love and care towards his children. January 2012 was a wonderful and miraculous month for the CSI members in the Ahmadi - Kuwait; our prayers for finding an ideal place for worship have been answered. Worshipping our lord as CSI Tamil community has been a long cherished dream for the CSI members in Ahmadi area. 

Through humble beginnings consisting of weekly worship services, our pioneers were nonetheless able to experience the vocational power of God, who set apart His people as a church in the motivating influence of the Holy Spirit. Worship attracts people; it unites them and alerts them that they are one in Christ. Since its inception, the CSI Church, Ahmadi (Kuwait) has seen six presbyters preside over the congregation.

The history of CSI Church, Ahmadi is the history of a meaningful Christian life, of witnessing and of unity of the people of God. As an instrument in God’s mighty hands, the church has been utilized by Him for His divine purposes. The CSI is the fruit of unification, and it is called and set apart to be united and to unite people.


St.Thomas Tamil CSI Church, Ahmadi

Our Presbyter

Rev. David Prince Raj